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Web 2.0 Video in Under 5 Minutes – The Machine is Us/ing Us

The Machine is Us/ing Us – Here is a 5 minute video explaining Web 2.0


How To Transfer All Firefox Settings To a New Computer (Mac)

Firefox LogoThis short video will show you how to move all your Firefox settings on a Mac including history, bookmarks and add-on data. This is useful when upgrading to a different computer and you want to keep all your settings in tact. If you are comfortable moving and renaming folders on your computer, this should be really easy for you.


NJ Computer Repair – How to Find a Computer Repair Company in New Jersey

The state of New Jersey can be divided into three areas where companies will usually advertise. North Jersey, Central Jersey and South Jersey. North Jersey has the most population so obviously you will have the most selection when choosing. New Brunswick is in Central Jersey and there too you will have a good selection for repair sites. South Jersey could be classified as all the shore locations and extends down to Cape May and the Camden area.

With so many companies to choose from in New Jersey, it is sometimes hard to find the right one when it comes to repairing your personal computer or laptop. Many New York City companies advertise in NJ but will not come out to fix your computer unless it is a big job. The high cost of commuting in and out of the city makes it very expensive and could be time consuming. Some companies come out to your location while others will fix the machines at their location. If you need to drop your computer off, make sure that it is a location you are comfortable driving to and is close enough where you do not waste half the day getting there.

Even splitting the state into three is sometimes not enough. When looking on-line, Google maps has many repair companies to choose from. All you have to do is go to Google Maps and type in exactly where you want to search for a computer repair company. Let’s say that you live in Denville, NJ and are looking for computer repair…Type in “Computer Repair Denville NJ” and you will get all the companies in and around that area along with a dot on the map so you can judge how far they are located from you.

Most computer repair companies in New Jersey are exclusively PC repair shops. There are some companies that fix Mac computers but they are harder to find. Most of the Mac repair shops are located in or around NYC so finding one in North Jersey will be your best bet.

Some NJ companies do strictly hardware and some software. If you need a DC jack repair in a laptop, North Jersey is the place to look. Replacing a DC jack requires a specific skill because there is soldering involved so not every technician is able to do that. 

Some people are inclined to use big companies like Best Buy’s Geek Squad, Fire Dog, Staples or Nerd Herd. These are part of a chain of New Jersey stores so there is a good chance you can find one in your local area. Although there is probably a store in your area, be careful when going with these repair shops as these companies usually employ entry level techs and will not give your computer the attention it deserves. They are usually high priced and do not always resolve the issue at hand.


How to Buy the Right Laptop

Buying a laptop can be a stressful time because there are so many options to choose from. You need to decide what kind of laptop it is that you really need. Are you a student that will be using the computer for basic word processing and internet browsing? Are you a web developer that will be using much processor power for video and pictures? All these things need to go into consideration when purchasing your laptop.

Many people agree that Macs are better for media rich applications such as Photoshop and Flash. Macs have been know to be excellent for those who need fast processing power for video. If you are editing videos more that 50% of the time, I would have to say that the majority of you will be using Macs. Mac repair is a more specialized field so you also need to take this into consideration when purchasing a new computer

On the other hand, if you just need a basic computer for browsing and word processing, a Mac might be too much computer. A PC will do the job great!

Both platforms are highly compatible. It comes down to preference. If you like the Mac OS, you should stick with a Mac. If you like the Windows OS, then stick with a PC.

Macs cost more than PCs.

Bottom of the line computers will be more that plenty fast for basic computing. if you need anything faster, buy the fastest computer that you can afford. It is always better to have too much power then not enough when dealing with processor hogging applications.

I am not biased towards either platform – I use both. They each have their benefits. Buy what you can afford and keep an eye out for those deals.


How to Delete Private Data From the Firefox Web Browser

In this tutorial you will learn how to clear your private data in Firefox 3.

In public places like schools where many people use the same computer, you want to keep your personal data to yourself. This also applies to libraries.

Here are a few simple steps how to clear the private data and browsing history from Firefox after a session on the Internet.

1. Look for the Tools menu item on the file menu on the top of your browser screen.

2. Click on the Tools menu items and then a drop down menu should appear below it.

3. Click on Clear Private Data

4. Check all the categories that you want to clear***

5. Once all the appropriate boxes are checked, click on Clear Private Data Now

***Be careful what you check if this is someone’s home or business computer – if they use the “save password feature” on Firefox, you can clear ALL the saved passwords – some people rely on this function to log into email and other websites that require a password.

If you prefer a video, learn how to do this here in under 30 seconds:

How to Delete History on Mozilla Firefox in Under 30 Seconds


How to Deal With Microsoft Vista

I recently bought a new computer and unfortunately Vista came with the machine. I had to reinstall the OS three times in one month. This seems a bit excessive. Every time the computer would wake from sleep mode, the screen resolution would revert to the lowest setting which made everything look horrible. Re-installing the video drivers did nothing to solve this issue.

There was so much hype for Windows Vista that it’s no wonder people are disgusted with the performance of this new OS. Vista has all the bells and whistles that anyone could ever want from an OS. The screens look good, search functions seem to help you find what you need on your computer. There is just 1 problem:

The system has so many issues that need to be ironed out that it is a real pain doing simple tasks that would normally run flawlessly in XP.

On the second OS installation, my computer system information would not show up because of some kind of permission setting that was not allowing my processor and memory information to be displayed. After 2 hours of troubleshooting, I figured it would be easier to re-install the OS. Here are some ways to cope with your Vista machine:

Install only the programs that you absolutely need

Upgrade your memory – this is essential

Upgrade to Microsoft XP (XP is the older OS but I feel “upgrade” is an appropriate word because XP is the more stable system)

Review the management console and keep track of the system events in the events viewer – this will give you some information on what could be causing the issues at hand

Disable Windows Aero display setting in your Appearance Settings

Remain optimistic as future patches would fix Vista to a more reliable OS

Get rid of the PC and get a Macintosh computer


How to Back Up Your Computer to DVD the Old Fashioned Way

There are many great programs out there that automate the backup of your files. Some are free while others you have to pay for. Either way, you have to learn how to use the software which can be a daunting task for someone that is not too computer literate. Below you will find steps that help you manually back up the files on your computer to external media such as a DVD.

We rely on computers every day and with that comes the issue of backing up your files. It is key to backup files from time to time because if anything were to happen to your hard disk, you could loose your information.

People rarely back up their files because of a certain intimidation that still exists. Files are scattered throughout your desktop and your computer. It gets overwhelming to find all these files therefore people do not do anything at all.

One technique that we use when backing up their computers is to organize every file on the computer that needs to be backed up. Usually, these files are located on the desktop and in the My Documents folder. I create a few folders on the desktop and limit each folder to the size of a disk whether it be a CD or DVD depending on how I am backing up my files. Using this method, each folder is equal to one backup disk. This way, the files are a little easier to manage.

I move all the files from the My Documents folder and put them in the folders that I created. After the files are in the respective folders on the desktop, I open up the My Computer folder and open the disk drive that will write the disks. This is assuming of course that you have a CD or DVD burner and you are using Windows XP.

Click on “Write Files to Disk” and then follow the on screen wizard.

Once you are finished backing up all your files, move them back to My Computer. You can also remove them if you need the space.


Two-factor authentication security offered for Gmail

gmail logo

Google is said to be offering a 2 step authentication (dual authentication) for it’s free Gmail service starting Thursday. In addition to putting your regular Gmail password in, you will now have the option to put in a code that is generated every couple minutes which can be sent to your Droid smart phone via sms. The object of this is to make it harder for hackers to break into your account. Many large companies already offer authentication similar to this but never has it been offered by a free service such as Gmail.  There are a few steps you need to take in order to enable this feature so Google recommends you take 15 minutes and really think about what you’re about to do.  Setting up this authentication required you to give Google a backup phone number to send sms messages to in case your cell phone gets lost or stolen. If all else fails there is a way to get back into your account through a series of dificult to answer security questions.

Do you think this extra security layer is overkill for the free email service?

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Volkswagen Commercial, The Force – Set to Air During Superbowl 2011

This is a new Volkswagon Passat commercial set to air during the 2011 Superbowl. It features a little Star Wars Darth Vader who uses the force to start the new Passat found in his driveway.

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