Do you have a smartphone and are still paying monthly texting to your cell provider? Ever think it was a waste of money being that you also pay for the internet on your phone? Well, it is a total waste of money and Google Voice is the free solution.  Google voice is a free service that allows you to choose a new phone number and basically get that number to ring on any phone that you have.  You can manage voicemails and texts online or have phone calls transferred to your cell or house phone.   It even has a function that will transcribe your voicemails to text.  This is especially convenient if you are in a noisy room – just transcribe the message and read it on your phone.

For free texting, I set it up so when people text my Google Voice phone number, it forwards the text to my email which I can then read on my phone.  You will have to give people your new phone number to text and disable texting on your current number but I do not think that is such a big deal – especially in the interest of saving $15 a month.

International calling is also pretty cheap.  All calls within the US are currently free.