It’s been a while since I posted anything on this blog so figured it would be a good time to write something because I just got the iPhone 7.  My old phone was a beat up iPhone 5 that i’ve been using for the last 3 1/2 years so it definitely got its use. Upgrading from a 5, I am blown away with what this 7 has to offer.  1st of all, my 5 didn’t have the finger print reader so I was punching in my 4 digit code every time I wanted to open the phone.  Now, all I have to do it touch the home button and instantly get access to the home screen.  I’ve seen the finger print take a few moments on a 5s and 6 but because this processor is such a beast, I am instantly authenticated.  It’s a beautiful thing.  The camera is way better than the 5.  The night pictures are pretty amazing for a phone.  Still no where near as good as a DSLR but I am not concerned about that at all. The lack of a headphone jack is a little bit of a pain but manageable.  It’s kind of how I felt when my laptop didn’t come with a dvd drive.  I was uneasy at first and then got used to it. Overall, I love this phone and will report again when I get more familiar with it. Thanks for reading!