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Just upgraded from an Apple iPhone 5 to iPhone 7

It’s been a while since I posted anything on this blog so figured it would be a good time to write something because I just got the iPhone 7. My old phone was a beat up iPhone 5 that i’ve been using for the last 3 1/2 years so it definitely got it’s use. Upgrading from a 5, I am blown away with what this 7 has to offer.


iShred iPad Snowboard – Inspired by Steve Jobs and Apple

Celebrating jobs in snowboarding, Every Third Thursday presents theiShred – a Steve Jobs inspired snowboard with built in iPad and back lit logo on the bottom of the board.


How To Transfer All Firefox Settings To a New Computer (Mac)

This short video will show you how to move all your Firefox settings on a Mac including history, bookmarks and add-on data. This is useful when upgrading to a different computer and you want to keep all your settings in tact. If you are comfortable moving and renaming folders on your computer, this should be really easy for you.


How to Buy the Right Laptop

Buying a laptop can be a stressful time because there are so many options to choose from. You need to decide what kind of laptop it is that you really need. Are you a student that will be using the computer for basic word processing and internet browsing? Are you a web developer that will be using much processor power for video and pictures? All these things need to go into consideration when purchasing your laptop.


Google Voice offers free text messaging to your smartphone

Do you have a smartphone and are still paying monthly texting to your cell provider? Ever think it was a waste of money being that you also pay for the internet on your phone? Well, it is a total waste of money and Google Voice is the free solution.


How to Upgrade Apple Mac Mini Hard Drive & Memory

This is a great video that shows you step by step how to open up an Apple Mac Mini, remove the hard drive, install a new hard drive, upgrade the ram and put it all back together.


Dell Streak Tablet photos leaked…

Tablets are here to stay.  Dell is coming out with a 7 and 10 inch tablet called the Streak that closely resembles the Apple iPad.  Are you surprised? (read more)