So the other day, I was updating a WordPress site that has been neglected for a while. Basically, every plugin needed to be updated in addition to WordPress itself. I started with a backup in case something went wrong. I believe the backup plugin that I used was Updraft which downloaded a backup of the site to the server. After doing the backup, I updated to the latest version of WordPress. The site still worked. The next step was taking 3 plugins at a time and updating them. The first round worked. After updating the next 3 plugins, I checked the site and got a white screen with an error pointing to a specific plugin. Can’t remember which one it was. Anyway, nothing worked. The site did not work and I could not get into the wp-admin console. This was not a good feeling! I called my friend up and he knew exactly what to do. I had to go into the server where the files reside and rename the plugin that was causing the error. The plugins folder is in the wp-content folder. After adding a – in front of the plugin that was giving the error, the site was accessible again. What a relief! Simple fix.