In this tutorial you will learn how to clear your private data in Firefox 3.

In public places like schools where many people use the same computer, you want to keep your personal data to yourself. This also applies to libraries.

Here are a few simple steps how to clear the private data and browsing history from Firefox after a session on the Internet.

1. Look for the Tools menu item on the file menu on the top of your browser screen.

2. Click on the Tools menu items and then a drop down menu should appear below it.

3. Click on Clear Private Data

4. Check all the categories that you want to clear***

5. Once all the appropriate boxes are checked, click on Clear Private Data Now

***Be careful what you check if this is someone’s home or business computer – if they use the “save password feature” on Firefox, you can clear ALL the saved passwords – some people rely on this function to log into email and other websites that require a password.

If you prefer a video, learn how to do this here in under 30 seconds:

How to Delete History on Mozilla Firefox in Under 30 Seconds