It’s a beautiful day out and I don’t feel like working inside.  I go outside and turn on the laptop only to find that the glare is so bad on my Macbook Pro’s glossy screen that reading the screen in nearly impossible.  What to do?

Some people have suggested going in the shade but if you are in an open area or on the beach, this is not going to be easy.  You can always get a beach umbrella and hide under that but even if you are in the shade, it can be rather difficult to see what’s on the screen.

So how to use a laptop outside? I’ve heard that polarized sunglasses work, never tried though.  This can be a problem for people that wear glasses to begin with.  You either have to put on contact lenses and get a pair of polarized sunglasses or have a prescription pair – sounds like a pain but if it works, I guess it’s worth it.

Just came up with idea while writing this post – wear a black shirt.   When you are outside working on a laptop, the reflection of your shirt is in plain view of the screen.  Wear a black shirt and all you will see is black in the reflection which is good for everything else displayed on the screen.  If possible at all, sit in front of a black wall.  I know, this is not the most practical idea.

The matte screen is a better option but it is also difficult to see the screen due to the brightness limitations.  I guess if your laptop gets really bright, it might work but my Dell Latitude E6400 does not get that bright.

So what’s the conclusion? If it’s a nice day out, leave the laptop inside and enjoy the day.  If you must work, try the above mentioned and deal with it.  Maybe save your work for the evening and go outside to enjoy the weather.