Firefox 3.6 is a good browser. It’s such a good browser that 20% of Mozilla clients were still using it last month, even though Mozilla recently released the 9th edition of Firefox. In fact, 82% of Firefox users were still surfing the web with Firefox 3.6 a year ago. Since that time, many users have slowly made the transition to newer versions of the browser. Some Firefox 3.6 loyalists (the 20%), however, have decided to stick with what works for them.

Users who have enjoyed Firefox 3.6 for years and are hesitant to upgrade will be disappointed that Mozilla plans to completely retire Firefox 3.6 in April of this year. This means that Mozilla will not provide any sort of support for Firefox 3.6 users, even businesses who have been loyal to the version of the browser since its 2008 release. Earlier this year, Mozilla had stated that they would continue to support the browser for business users indefinitely, but they have since changed their minds. Firefox 3.6 will soon become a browser of the past.

Many Mozilla users claim that Firefox 3.6 is the most reliable Firefox version. Versions 4, 5, 6, and 7 all had significant problems with bugs. These problems caused users to either switch back to 3.6 or switch to another browser like Chrome or Safari. Firefox 8 seemed to have fixed most of the bug issues, but some users were understandably wary about upgrading when version 8 was released. Now that Firefox 9 is available, Mozilla is working overtime to patch up bugs and make sure the reputation of its newest Firefox version stays intact.

If you are a proud Firefox 3.6 user, the time has come for you to make a decision. You can only use your favorite browser for a few more months, and then you will have to either upgrade to a new version of Firefox or try something else out. Maybe you’ll switch back to Internet Explorer or Safari. Or maybe you’ll try out Chrome. In the end, the choice is yours. Just don’t expect any browser to be able to do exactly what Firefox 3.6 did for you.

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