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Entries for November, 2009

Linksys WMB54G Vista Setup – How to Configure Wireless Music Bridge

Streaming music from your computer speakers wirelessly via wi-fi sounds like a great idea and it is but if you purchased a Linksys WMB54G and tried setting it up on your Vista machine, chances are you gave up and threw the device out the window. Thanks to Google and some trial and error, I figured […]


Great guide for overclocking beginners

This is an excellent guide for those of you just getting into overclocking but also serves as a guide for the experienced.  It outlines all the variables involved in overclocking and is very detailed.  Read it here


Google tries its own take on customer service

If you rely on a compelling service that happens to be free, what level of customer support are you entitled to receive? read more


Welcome to Remote Computer Support & Repair Blog

Welcome to the Remote Computer Support & Repair Blog.  This blog will serve as a guide for techs and end users and shine some light on the popular and ever growing field of remote computer support.  Here we will discuss Macintosh remote support as well as PC remote support.