The state of New Jersey can be divided into three areas where companies will usually advertise. North Jersey, Central Jersey and South Jersey. North Jersey has the most population so obviously you will have the most selection when choosing. New Brunswick is in Central Jersey and there too you will have a good selection for repair sites. South Jersey could be classified as all the shore locations and extends down to Cape May and the Camden area.

With so many companies to choose from in New Jersey, it is sometimes hard to find the right one when it comes to repairing your personal computer or laptop. Many New York City companies advertise in NJ but will not come out to fix your computer unless it is a big job. The high cost of commuting in and out of the city makes it very expensive and could be time consuming. Some companies come out to your location while others will fix the machines at their location. If you need to drop your computer off, make sure that it is a location you are comfortable driving to and is close enough where you do not waste half the day getting there.

Even splitting the state into three is sometimes not enough. When looking on-line, Google maps has many repair companies to choose from. All you have to do is go to Google Maps and type in exactly where you want to search for a computer repair company. Let’s say that you live in Denville, NJ and are looking for computer repair…Type in “Computer Repair Denville NJ” and you will get all the companies in and around that area along with a dot on the map so you can judge how far they are located from you.

Most computer repair companies in New Jersey are exclusively PC repair shops. There are some companies that fix Mac computers but they are harder to find. Most of the Mac repair shops are located in or around NYC so finding one in North Jersey will be your best bet.

Some NJ companies do strictly hardware and some software. If you need a DC jack repair in a laptop, North Jersey is the place to look. Replacing a DC jack requires a specific skill because there is soldering involved so not every technician is able to do that. 

Some people are inclined to use big companies like Best Buy’s Geek Squad, Fire Dog, Staples or Nerd Herd. These are part of a chain of New Jersey stores so there is a good chance you can find one in your local area. Although there is probably a store in your area, be careful when going with these repair shops as these companies usually employ entry level techs and will not give your computer the attention it deserves. They are usually high priced and do not always resolve the issue at hand.