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NJ SEO Company Bartering Small Business Services

NJ SEO Company DKNJ Networks is not bartering Search Engine Optimization services to small business in the New Jersey area.


Dofollow Blogs vs Nofollow Blogs

So there is a growing trend in dofollow blogs. What does this mean? It means that when you post a comment on a dofollow blog, the webmaster gives you link credit and does not include the dreaded nofollow tag that is default in all WordPress themes.


How to Change WordPress Title Tags For SEO

Just changed my titles tags on this WordPress blog from Blog Name » Title of Displayed Page to Title of Displayed Page » Blog Name


Small Business SEO in New Jersey

So you have a small business in New Jersey and heard of a great service called search engine optimization. You find out that it is possible for your website to get high ranking in Google despite it’s size so you start making phone calls to prospective NJ SEO companies.


Using commas in anchor text devalues backlink

So we all know how important anchor text is to SEO. Well, using a comma in your anchor text actually devalues that link.


Duplicate Content Checker Tool – Website Plagiarism Tool

This tool allows you to compare 2 URLs and check for duplicate content. Search engines use duplicate content filters to prevent webmasters from copying content from other sites in hopes of gaining a higher rank.