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Facebook for Android App Has New Features, Groups, Places, Notifications

The recently updated Facebook App for Android has new features including Groups, Places and improved notifications.

Facebook for Android app (1.4.0) is now available for download. New features include:

Groups –  share posts with small groups of friends
Places – share where you are with friends, see where friends are, discover places nearby
Improved notifications –  view comments and updates within the app

Get the app below right from your phone:

Facebook for Android

You can scan the below QR code with your bar code scanner on the phone to get to the Facebook app in the app store.

QR Code

Facebook App for Android

Is this version better than previous versions and why?

So what do you think of the app? I downloaded it this morning but did not really get a chance to use it much.  I like the new groups feature though. There was always an issue getting to your group pages on Facebook before this version of the app.

I think that the new version is going to come in handy for many people, especially the ones who use groups frequently and check in to different places.

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Posting using wordpress blogs app from the android market

I am writing this post from a droid x cell phone testing out this app that integrates your wordpress blog with your phone. So far, seems like a really useful app. I only ever used it to delete or approve comments but apparantly it makes it easy to create new posts.

There is a way to bold and add links but i am not too sure how to bold text that has been already written. I think you have to select the bold button before typing.

Worpress blog app seems like a great tool on the go but does not come close to the speed of a standard computer.
Next i will try testing the app with an external bluetooth keyboard.

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