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WordPress PHP Malware Virus Quick Fix wordpress-fix.php

A few of my WordPress sites got infected with this nasty code today. The sites that were effected were all hosted by goDaddy.


Issues with WordPress and pingomatic from Firefox

For the past week or so, none of my blog posts have been indexing in Google.


How to use your laptop outside? Dealing with issues of sun glare.

How to use your laptop outside? It’s a beautiful day out, and I don’t feel like working inside. I go outside and turn on the laptop, only to find that the glare is so bad on the glossy screen that reading the screen in nearly impossible. What to do?


How to Tell If Your Laptop DC Power Jack Needs Repair

Here are tel-tale signs when your laptop DC jack is broken.


How to Disable Firewall in Vista

Here is a simple 8 step guide that explains how to disable Vista firewall on your Microsoft machine.


Do you use web coupons? Be aware that your privacy is at stake.

Many Americans take advantage of web coupons to save money at their favorite stores.  What they don’t know is that the websites producing the coupons track a good amount of data from the person using the coupon. “When someone joins a fan club, the user’s Facebook ID becomes visible to the merchandiser. We take that […]


Cracking open an Apple iPad

Ever wonder what the inside of an iPad looks like? Check out these cool photos of CNET’s TechRepublic cracking open an iPad. (read more)


Linksys WMB54G Vista Setup – How to Configure Wireless Music Bridge

Streaming music from your computer speakers wirelessly via wi-fi sounds like a great idea and it is but if you purchased a Linksys WMB54G and tried setting it up on your Vista machine, chances are you gave up and threw the device out the window. Thanks to Google and some trial and error, I figured […]


Great guide for overclocking beginners

This is an excellent guide for those of you just getting into overclocking but also serves as a guide for the experienced.  It outlines all the variables involved in overclocking and is very detailed.  Read it here