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Laptop Fire Damage Caused by Overheating

Is your laptop overheating? Don’t let it get this bad. Here is a picture of a laptop damaged by a fire caused by overheating.


NJ Computer Repair – How to Find a Computer Repair Company in New Jersey

The state of New Jersey can be divided into three areas where companies will usually advertise. North Jersey, Central Jersey and South Jersey. North Jersey has the most population so obviously you will have the most selection when choosing. New Brunswick is in Central Jersey and there too you will have a good selection for repair sites. South Jersey could be classified as all the shore locations and extends down to Cape May and the Camden area.


Computer Repair in Sussex, New Jersey – DKNJ Networks

Located in Stanhope, NJ – DKNJ Networks provides computer and laptop repair by appointment only. Please call 973-449-2210 or leave a message and we’ll get back to you shortly.


New Jersey Computer Repair

Westfield, Chatham, Montclair, Newton, Morristown NJ Computer Repair


DIY LCD Screen Repair For Laptop Computers

Repairing or replacing a cracked LCD is not difficult in theory but there are a few things you need to be aware of when taking a laptop apart.


Laptop LCD Screen Repair Service in New Jersey

One of the most common things we see are cracked LCD screens due to mishandling of your laptop.